What is Horotaxio?

Horotaxio is a standard space, specially designed to promote the art of movement and contemporary dance. The courses are aimed at all ages, or someone just looking to workout either wishes to deepen the art of dance. Apart from the core subjects of classical ballet, creative and contemporary dance, music and action, martial arts capoeira and kung-fu, pilates and air exercise sessions performed with artists and teachers of the area, as well as cooperation with other science disciplines and arts for a holistic approach of human expression through movement. Ηorotaxio in the heart of Komotini provides all ages an opportunity to learn and be trained in a place that respects and honors the uniqueness and individuality of all. Creativity and freedom guides and our allies.

  • Classic ballet
  • Contemporary dance
  • Creative dance for children
  • Capoeira
  • Kung Fu
  • Pilates

Ask us!

Admissions began and will continue for the duration of the academic year. Read more here.

Why the Chorotaxio is a standard room, specially designed to international standards that provide children and adults the opportunity to learn and be trained with respect to the uniqueness and individuality of all.

Because the creative dance lessons targeting both the natural-physical and psycho-emotional development of the child. The young person develops a strong sense of body and self, learn to use and control the body in different ways, acquires confidence in abilities, develop initiative and ingenuity and create interpersonal relationships through verbal and non-verbal communication with other members team's.

The school year starts on October 1st and ends on June 30th.

The Contemporary Art of Dance respects what might be done before the dance, what once was the first manifestations of the old times: an integral collective means of expression, with the enthusiasm of awareness of the human being and identification with a group. And at the same time strong, even subversive, personal factor of progress for every team member, who will find in this reactivation of the variety of possibilities. (Dance as transformation).

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